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Crack Suppressant


K3 Crack-Mask

K-3 Crack-Mask is a one part crack isolation and anti-fracture system. This product consist of a non-woven needled spun-bound polypropylene fabric. Crack-Mask is an underlayment membrane that protects ceramic tile against crack migration on concrete slabs.

36” wide  900 Sq. Ft. 20rolls/Pallet

Typical Uses 

K-3 is used for crack isolation and anti-fracture underlayment for interior floor tile, stone, terrazzo, etc. The properties of this material can be used to bridge concrete joints, cracks, and expansion joints against horizontal movement of the substrate. Best used on concrete. Crack-Mask is quicker and easier to use than liquid membranes used by many builders today.    

 Typical Installations: 

Residential & Commercial  


Tile & Stone Concrete,

 Tile over Tile 

Decks & Balconies 





 Kaye Industries recommends using K-27 Indoor or K-18 Indoor/Outdoor Adhesive. Do not begin until the slab has cured to proper specifications. Clean slab of dirt and debris.

System Performance Tested by Tile Council of North America. The ANSI A118.12 section (5.4) system crack resistance states: High Performance for 1/8” crack movement.